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UFST Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for all UFST activities: training and incident response.

The following general principles1 apply:

  • Lead by example;

  • Be proficient in your craft;

  • Promote a positive environment;

  • Deal with issues directly;

  • Empower others to solve problems;

  • Treat others as equals and with respect;

  • Expect the best;

  • Share your knowledge.


Under the UFST Code of Conduct2 each person is responsible for:

  • Being ready and able (physically and mentally) to perform assigned duties;

  • Being flexible as duties may change based on community needs;

  • Conducting yourself in an appropriate manner at all times;

  • Interacting positively with your crew, team, state U&CF Coordinator, and the community.


There is no tolerance for inappropriate behavior while on assignment, including such conduct as:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse;

  • Unsafe activities;

  • Discrimination;

  • Sexual harassment;

  • Freelancing.



And finally:

  • The public deserves and expects your best efforts...let them see us as the professionals that we are.

  • Remember, you are a guest in the community where those living in the areas affected by the disaster have suffered loss and trauma.


1From Washington Fire Resources Mobilization Plan.

2From Susan Ford (GCTA 2005) and New Kent (VA) Team Leader discussion (2008).