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Coordinate Tools

Tools for understanding and converting coordinate systems; state plane, UTM, and decimal degree (lat/long).

UTM Zones for the lower 48 States

Map Images of State Plane and UTM Zones

All state maps listed below include State Plane boundaries, UTM zone lines and county/parish names; the regional map includes State Plane boundaries and UTM zone lines only. PDF versions of these images are available if needed; see "Contact UFST".

To download, use "right-click" and "save image" from the display of the high resolution image (approx. 10,200x6,600 pixels) for printing in ANSI B, C, D, or E sizes. The preview image can be saved in a similar manner and may be suitable for a small, low resolution image in a, 8.5x11" document (400x250 pixels).

Regional SP & UTM Zones

Alabama-Georgia-South Carolina SP & UTM Zones

Arkansas SP & UTM Zones

Florida SP & UTM Zones

Kentucky-Tennessee SP & UTM Zones

Louisiana-Mississippi SP & UTM Zones

Oklahoma SP & UTM Zones

Texas SP & UTM Zones

Virginia-North Carolina SP & UTM Zones


GeoTrans - Geographic Translator is an application program that converts geographic coordinates.

Explains accuracy expected from DDM and DMS latitude and longitude readings.

Spatial reference conversion (projection & datum to EPSG codes).